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8 Ways to Ensure Your AC Unit Is Ready for Summer

Published April 25, 2022

By Quality Contracting Electrical & HVAC

8 Ways to Ensure Your AC Unit Is Ready for Summer

Whether you’re close to the Virginia Beach oceanfront, near the Chesapeake bay, or somewhere around and in between, you know the tropical weather for summer in the area is no joke. Jokes are for stages. But heat waves? They’re for everyone!

That’s why it’s critical to ensure your HVAC unit is running properly before the temp starts to rise. The last thing you want is to be without air conditioning when it feels like the sun is trying to bake you alive. Here are 8 tips to get your HVAC unit ready for summer:

1. Focus on the Filter

The first thing to look for in your HVAC unit is the air filter. You may need to use a disposable or more permanent type of filter depending on your system. It’s critical to change your air filter at least once a month with a disposable one. Other kinds of filters should be cleaned or replaced on a monthly basis if you have dogs or are a smoker.

Your HVAC won’t have any dust or dirt blocking or restricting the cool air from circulating freely throughout your house after you’ve replaced your old or dirty air filter.

2. Keep Outdoor Areas Clear

The next step is to go out and check your HVAC unit. You must ensure that the region is clean and debris-free. If there are any plants, branches, or other objects obstructing the area or contacting your air conditioner, you should remove them. Make sure no bushes grow too near to the equipment.

The reason why you must cut back the leaves on your air conditioning equipment is because they can block important lines such as return air ducts, reducing airflow and causing a host of other problems. This also implies that you need to be sure that all leaves are completely removed from the equipment, especially during the fall season. While we’re talking about how to prepare your HVAC for summer, this is something that requires year-round diligent maintenance.

If you wait until spring to clear everything away, any material that has been accumulating in the system all year may be trapped between various sections of the HVAC interior, making it difficult to thoroughly and completely clean. To avoid debris getting into your system in the first place, surround your HVAC with an area of around two feet open all around it.

3. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the most effective things you can do to lower your energy expenses. Even with new technologies, it’s now feasible to personalize your air conditioning schedule while you’re not at home.

The temperature inside your home may be adjusted depending on the weather and your personal schedule. If you know you won’t be in, you can set your unit to turn off or allow the inside temperature to rise a bit so that it doesn’t overwork your air conditioner during the summer months. This not only helps you save money, but running a controlled climate can help prevent your air conditioner from working too hard throughout the hottest months.

4. Maximize Air Flow With Fans

Depending on the needs of your homeowner, you can place various types of fans in different parts of the house to improve air circulation and comfort. Ceiling fans, tabletop fans, and floor fans are three alternatives.

Ceiling fans are some of the most useful things you can have in your house. During the summer, make sure your ceiling fans are turned on so that they rotate clockwise. This way, the air may flow down and keep heat from building up in the higher levels of your home, necessitating that your air conditioner work overtime. You may reverse your ceiling fan back to spin counterclockwise when the weather warms up again.

Smaller fans ensure that the air in your home is cooled, and you should have a variety of them throughout the house to get the most out of your system. In order to maximize the cool air that runs through your home, you should also have other types of smaller fans in different rooms. Smaller tabletop and floor fans are readily transported from room to room and provide great cooling.

There are a variety of different techniques to keep your house cool without having to use your air conditioner too often. Keep a couple of windows open or try out a portable air conditioner for added ventilation.

5. Utilize Window Treatments

You may have noticed that the temperature in your house can rise dramatically owing to the sun’s rays penetrating through the glass. In order to fight against the quick heat up in the afternoon, your air conditioner must switch into overdrive.

Window coverings, such as blinds or drapes, can be useful in preventing heat from accumulating in the afternoon. Covering bigger, more exposed surfaces with window coverings might assist reduce the summer heat buildup that occurs typically.

6. Clear Out Your Vents

Your HVAC unit will only function at peak efficiency if there are no obstructions to the flow of air within your home’s walls. Beyond having a professional check the entire duct system, there is one simple method to ensure that there are no obvious blockages.

You can check your home for any vents, including ones you may not be aware of. Make sure all of the air vents in the rooms you want to use your air conditioning are open. This might assist your HVAC unit distribute heat evenly throughout the space. Maintaining basic upkeep like this might help your HVAC function more effectively. If you discover issues, though, you’ll probably need to seek the advice of a professional to find the deeper problem.

7. Reduce Heat From Other Appliances

Next, it’s a good idea to avoid using large appliances that produce heat over the course of the day. Instead of putting your oven to work for a big supper, consider utilizing an outside cooking source like your grill instead (who doesn’t love corn on the grill?). Turning on the oven may cause additional heat in your house and push your air conditioning unit to its limits.

If you don’t want your clothes to wear out too quickly, try hanging them outside to dry. Let the sun assist you rather than working against you, and your clothes will have a pleasant scent of sunlight.

You can expect to save a significant amount of money in energy costs by following these methods. These techniques are not only beneficial for the health of your HVAC system, but they also result in large energy savings.

8. Consider Updating Your Unit

If you’ve tried all of these suggestions, but your HVAC unit isn’t sufficiently cooling your property, it’s time to upgrade. Because of cooling loss and waste, an older system may be costing you money each year. Air conditioners with new features are being created even more energy efficient and can sometimes help customers save money on their power bills.

A skilled expert can help you decide on a new HVAC system. As always, double-check that you’re buying from a firm with which you’ve done your homework to avoid getting a dud device or paying too much.

Summer-Proofing Your HVAC

Summer is fast approaching, and you want to be prepared to enjoy the warmer temperatures and longer days. You can keep your HVAC unit operating more efficiently if you take the time to do your own checkup and make simple home improvements to help it run more efficiently. These easy methods may ensure that cool air continues to flow while also making your family feel comfortable, no matter how hot it gets outside on the hot summer days. These suggestions might also save you money throughout the rest of the year—who doesn’t love that?

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