Common AC Repairs We Handle

Published August 19, 2022

By Quality Contracting Electrical & HVAC

Common AC Repairs We Handle

In the summertime, we handle many different types of air conditioning repairs. Air conditioners work overtime in the summers to keep up with the Virginia heat, which can result in breakdowns and repairs. If your air conditioner is overworked or under-serviced, you may experience one of the common AC repairs we detail in this blog.

Air Conditioning Repairs In Chesapeake

At Quality Contracting, our expert technicians can guarantee a solution before they leave your home. Below we have listed 5 of the most common AC repairs we handle in Chesapeake and surrounding areas and probable causes for each.

  • AC Blowing Warm Air
  • AC Running Constantly
  • Unit Not Working At All
  • Strange Noises
  • Water Leaking From Unit

AC Blowing Warm Air

There could be many reasons your air conditioner is blowing warm air, such as low refrigerant. If your refrigerant is low, there is likely a leak and not enough refrigerant leak to produce cool air. Your air conditioner will continue to run and blow warm air, because it is trying to reach the thermostat setting. A refrigerant leak is an important repair and should not be ignored. Not only will your energy bills rise until the problem is fixed, but it can lead to further AC damages. Refrigerant is a toxic substance that can pose a threat to your health, so it is best to be handled by a professional.

AC Running Constantly

It is normal for your air conditioner to run more often in the summer due to the high temperatures. Although, if your air conditioner is running constantly you have an air conditioning problem on your hands. There could be many sources of why your air conditioner will not shut off, and we recommend starting with your air filter. Ensure your air filter is clear and free of debris. A clogged air filter can result in your air conditioner running longer to successfully deliver cool air, but the air can not pass through. Let us help identify the cause of your air conditioner running constantly

Unit Not Working At All

Like other air conditioning repairs, there can be multiple causes. As simple as it sounds, your thermostat connection is a common reason your AC unit is not working and we recommend starting there. Ensure your thermostat is on and does not need new batteries. The settings should be flipped to cool and read your desired temperature. Try adjusting the temperature a few degrees lower and evaluate if your unit turns on. We promise, we have seen it happen!

Strange Noises

The air conditioner repair needed for strange noises depends on the type of noise. Below are common noises we have heard and the repair to each.

  • Banging Noise: A banging noise is likely a loose or broken part inside your compressor and should not be ignored. Loose parts can cause more damage and repairs, so call your technician as soon as you notice the noise.
  • Squealing Noise: Squealing noises could mean a mechanical or air pressure issue with the blower or fan. In previous repairs, it indicated the blower motors needed to be replaced soon. Give your Quality Contracting technician a call before you experience a breakdown.
  • Buzzing Noise: A buzzing noise can mean many things, such as a dirty filter, dirty coils, loose fan blades, or debris in/on the unit. Check your air filter and the cleanliness of your outdoor unit before calling your technician.

Water Leaking From Unit

If your air conditioner is leaking water, your drain line is probably clogged. Your air conditioner removes humidity from your home and the moisture exits through a drain line. Excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow and result in a clog. For best results, let our expert technicians help locate and unclog your drain line!

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Your air conditioner is made up of multiple parts that all work together to cool your home. If one part is broken, your air conditioner can malfunction. To quickly identify the problem, give your technician a call to quickly restore your comfort. No air conditioning repair is too complex for the experts at Quality Contracting!

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