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Standby Generac Generator Installation in Chesapeake, Virginia

Here in Chesapeake, it is very common for a seasonal storm to knock the power out in the area. Typically, the most common time of year for weather related power outages are fall (during hurricane season) and winter. However, we sometimes see power in the area get knocked out due to spring time showers.

When the power goes out, it can sometimes take a few hours or more to get it restored. With a whole home standby generator, you’ll never have to worry about going with power! This means that your food won’t go bad, and you’ll be able to continue enjoying electricity no matter the circumstances!

How Does A Standby Generator Work?

Your generator has sensors in it that can detect with the utility is interrupted and triggers the generator to start up, which restores your power in within roughly six seconds. When the local utility is restored, your generator will turn off. Once it turns off, it then goes into a cool down process and enters into standby mode.

This is very convenient for homeowners who heavily rely on:

  • Television for entertainment
  • HVAC systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Refrigerators
  • Computers & WiFi

Generac generators are hooked up directly to your natural gas or propane line and the team at Quality Contracting is licensed and trained to professionally install these generators. Contact us today at (757) 752-7077 to get started!

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