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Published March 20, 2024

By Quality Contracting Electrical & HVAC


Hampton Roads is full of tons of HVAC and electrical contractors to choose from. You may be asking yourself how do you choose the right one for you. This article will give you an inside look into these businesses and help you choose the right ones and provide tips when hiring an HVAC or electrical contractor.

Most of us choose contractors by searching google and looking at who pops up first in the ads section but here are some things to consider that will affect the cost to you as the consumer.

Companies with bigger budget advertising campaigns, TV commercials, billboards, and radio commercials are often passing those cost along to you as a consumer. The more money a company is spending in advertising and overhead the more it cost to run that business and that money is made back by building it in to the cost to the consumer. If you want to hire these companies that is perfectly fine but consider other companies that are often just as good but could save you money due to less overhead and advertising cost.

It has become increasingly popular that companies are paying their employees commission. They often pay their employees a lower hourly wage in exchange for encouraging employees to sell to customers and giving them a cut. Companies will also incentivize employees to push certain products and pay them every time they sell them. This can lead to companies pushing repairs, replacements, or products you don’t need. We recently went on a service call where a customer reported they had another local company come by and tell him that he needed to replace his 8 year old system or do a $5200 repair. That company that told him this pays employees commission and lower hourly wages. During the call we found the system was working perfectly fine. In addition it was still under warranty so if it did need a repair the parts would have been under warranty which the other company never mentioned to him. Don’t become a victim of fraud so someone can make their numbers and a commission. Look for a company that will give you honest recommendations not influenced by commissions.

Also look for a company that offers clear pricing and simple pricing structures. Many companies will adjust their prices depending upon how much money they think they can get out of a customer based on where they live or what they drive. If you don’t believe me before I started this company I worked for a large local company that would ask how nice the house was and what kind of cars where in the driveway before they would give me the price to give the customer. You should look for a company that has a set pricing structure for repairs and replacements that is clear and transparent.

Finally don’t fall victim to misleading sales or deals offered by contractors. A common trick is to offer money off services or replacements only for those companies to increase the cost the amount of the discount. This means you are not actually saving anything but they are tricking you into thinking you are. Have you ever seen a coupon that says it has to be presented at the time of scheduling? The reasoning is often so that contractor knows upfront to increase the cost to compensate for the money they are offering as a discount. Make sure when a deal is offered it’s actually a deal or real discount.

We would love to by your choice for your HVAC and electrical needs. We offer all our pricing on our website in our online store. This ensures all repair and replacement pricing is clear, transparent, and fair. In addition we do our own website, and marketing and control our expenses so we can offer our clients competitive and fair pricing. We also do not incentives employees to push products or services a customer does not need. All recommendations are reviewed by our office to ensure they are correct. If you choose to go with another contractor we hope that you are better informed and can maybe save some money based on the information provided.

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