When Should I Turn On My Heating System?

Published October 28, 2022

By Quality Contracting Electrical & HVAC

When Should I Turn On My Heating System?

Many wonder when to officially make the switch from air conditioning to heating. The fall temperatures bring warm days and cool nights, which can make heating and cooling homes difficult. In this article, we will explain when to turn on your heating system and maintenance to do beforehand.

Turning On The Heating System In The Fall

As the outdoor temperatures drop, the need for air conditioning comes to an end. When to turn on your heating system in Virginia is a homeowner’s personal preference. There is no harm in turning on your system or leaving it off as long as your comfort remains. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend heating your home when the indoor temperature is below 64 degrees. It is important to consider factors such as pets, plants, and electronics before letting your home get too cool for comfort.

Open Windows In The Fall

Fall temperatures can help keep your home a comfortable temperature. However, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages before doing so!

Advantages Of Open Windows

Enjoying the outdoor fall temperatures can air out your home of trapped pollutants. Other advantages include:

  • Decreased Energy Bills
  • Fresh Air

Disadvantages Of Open Windows

Your heating or cooling unit should be turned off when the windows are open, because it could overwork the system. Your unit works hard to meet the thermostat setting, which will never be reached with the windows open. Other disadvantages of open windows include:

  • Poor Air Quality
  • Unpredictable Temperatures

Heating System Maintenance

Before turning on your heating unit for the season, there are a few homeowner maintenance tasks to perform. Your heating unit will be more reliable and efficient by ensuring there are no obstructions. Below are 5 fall tasks to ensure your heating system is ready to warm your home!

  • Schedule Heating Maintenance
  • Change Air Filters
  • Check Air Vents
  • Clean System
  • Replace Home Safety Device Batteries

Schedule Heating Maintenance

Your heating system should be looked at by a professional once a year, ideally in the fall season. Without maintenance, your unit can operate with an underlying issue and run up energy costs. Additionally, your unit may not work properly the moment you need it and your comfort is sacrificed. Turning on heating units before fall maintenance can result in costly repairs and breakdowns.

Change Air Filters

The fall season can bring allergies for some, so it is best to start off with clean air filters in your home! Air filters catch allergens and pollutants to increase air quality, but struggle to do so if clogged. Your heating system can become overworked if operating with a dirty filter, which uses more energy and raises utility bills. To breathe clean air and stay cozy this fall and winter, change your air filters at least every 3 months!

Check Air Vents

Air vents and ducts can collect dust over time and spread allergens around your home. Before turning on your heating system, take a rag or vacuum to air vents around your home. This can minimize allergy symptoms and dust accumulation to keep you breathing easy all winter.

Clean System

Your heating system can collect dust and debris due to sitting in its off season. Cleaning your unit can help improve efficiency and airflow. If you use an outdoor heating system, clear leaves and other debris collected from the spring and summer seasons. If you use an indoor system, dust and clear household items such as boxes from around the unit.

Replace Home Safety Device Batteries

It is important to start the fall and winter season with properly working home safety devices, such as the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Fuel burning appliances, such as furnaces, can emit carbon monoxide and be dangerous for your safety and health. We recommend testing all devices in your home using the “test” button and replacing batteries if needed.

If your home is becoming uncomfortably cool, it is time to turn on your heating system! Your comfort is important to us, which is why you should consider the 5 simple fall maintenance tasks listed. Our expert technicians can solve any heating problems with our heating maintenance in Chesapeake and surrounding areas.

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